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Warning NOT zanzibar cologne

Formula Released to the public, make it for yourself.

ZanZaBar can facilitate deep vivid r.e.m. sleep and other benefits if worn prior to going asleep (does not cause drowsiness). Also good during the day for Sales People, seems to make people more agreeable

Also great on a first date on clothing

Has Aroma Therapy properties and may seriously relax you, you may need to consume caffeine to balance the effects if using during the day, if using prior to sleep no problem

Zanzabar Version 2

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Formula: 14 drops of Sandalwood 1 or Sandalwood 2 if making version 2, the remaining fill with alcohol.

Description: A very subtle colonge, not a loud clashing cologne, an up close and personal speciatly scent not found in commercial cologne that we could to find

Formula three: 14 drops Sandalwood 1 and 7 drops of Sandalwood 2.